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Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow - Trauerweide
Oil on Primed Fabric - Abstract Art
39¼ x 20½ x 1¼
April 2011
$ 470

When I mixed the colors, I wasn’t sure yet where the spatula would take me and what it will be. Most of the times, I have a color combination in my mind and just start. It became soon clear that it will be water and trees in spring time. Half-way, the image took shape and I knew where I have seen this before. While I paint, colors remind me of something, it is like a Déjà Vu, and images from the past appear back on the surface.

This is a weeping willow I have seen daily for almost one year when I lived in England back in 2001-2002. I was a pastry chef at The Waterside Inn in Bray and the tree was right next to the three Michelin star restaurant of world-famous Chef Michel Roux. Bray is a picturesque little town in Berkshire near Windsor. There are two three Michelin star restaurants (out of four in the UK) in a village of around 8,500 people.

Early in the morning, I would walk from the staff parking area, along tiny old cobblestone roads lined with beautiful Tudor-style cottages, to the restaurant. My shift started early in the morning and ended mostly at around midnight or later. During my breaks, I sat at the river Thames and watched the branches of the weeping willow touch the water. It softly traveled with the water but couldn’t go because the tree was holding it back.
Celebrities walked in and out of the restaurant to enjoy the highest possible rated art of cuisine. But instead, my fondest memories go back to the weeping willow, a staple friend that didn’t care who these people were but who obviously left a soothing and calming effect on me and will never be forgotten.

My latest techniques is to mix my own oil paint from natural pigments and linseed oil. This abstract painting is painted on fabric (primed with home-made gesso) and stretched on wooden bars. It is the same technique like stretched canvas. As an eco-friendly artist, I use solely recycled material. The
sides are painted as well, so there is no frame needed, painting can be hung as is. Please ask me for detailed pictures.

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